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Established in 2000, Jingzhou STRONG Safety & Technology Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the development, and production ofindividual respiratory protection equipment and providing one-to-one professionalprotection solutions for users. Its main products are divided into twocategories ,one is non-powered air-purifying particle respirators and theirfilter elements,the other one is non-powered air-purifying respirators and  their canisters and cartridges.

  Since its inception, our company has taken product development andinnovation as the driving force of enterprise development, with "caringfor life, affection for you and me" as the mission of the enterprise,relying on service end users and promoting channel circulation as the means ofdevelopment, so as to promote the company to gradually become a leader inChina's respiratory protection production enterprises.

  After 18 years of expansion and improvement, our company now has 6modern professional production lines of Non-powered air-purifying particlerespirators, 2 production workshops of filter elements and more than 90 sets ofequipment. Our company has invested more than 3 million yuan to establish adomestic professional respiratory protection product experimental testingcenter, which integrates product research and development and testing, coversan area of about 300 square meters, and provides strong support for productdevelopment, raw material procurement, production quality control, productprocess improvement, product sales and other aspects. In addition, in 2018, ourcompany set up a research and development building of civil-militaryintegration to provide advice for the intellectualization of personalprotective equipment in China, so that our emergency rescue equipment can reachthe world-class professional level.

  Our company has been committed to using high-tech renovation to enhancethe scientific and technological content of traditional respiratory protectiveproducts in China. It has been awarded Grade 5A Respiratory Protection ProductRating Certificate for 3 consecutive years. It has been awarded a committeemember of National Labor Insurance Industry Recommended Brand for 16consecutive years. Now it is China Textile Business Association andSecurityHealth Protection Goods Committee, member of China Labor ProtectionGoods Union, drafting unit of group standard TAJ1001-2015 PM2.5 of ChinaTextile Business Association.

With the strong support of the State Ministry of Science SafetyProduction Supervision and the State.Administration of Quality and TechnologySupervision and Inspection,our company upholding provides workers with quality respiratoryprotection equipment. In the course of development, more than 40 series of dustmasks and gas masks have been independently developed. It has been widely usedin various fields of industrial production and common civil use, especially indifferent environments of metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, construction,shipbuilding and public security fire protection. It has contributed to theprotection of people's life safety and health in the process of rescue anddisaster relief, emergency rescue and protection of public health hazards.

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