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Social Recruiting

Position1. Taobao operation specialist

Responsibility 1. Responsible for the overall operation of the store and achieving the monthly performance target of the store;

2. Daily management of the store and handling of abnormal problems;

3. Make accurate store operation plan and product promotion plan, improve store conversion and traffic, etc.;

4. Adjusted operational strategies and formulated activity measures to improve sales volume and user experience of babi through analysis of relevant data statements;

5. Studied new ways of operation, improved store sales and promoted brand publicity;

6. Developed and implemented store member marketing plans to improve user stickiness and word-of-mouth publicity;

7. Strong communication skills, able to communicate with customers one-on-one.


1.College degree or above, major in marketing e-commerce is preferred At least one year's experience in operation and promotion of taobao and other large e-commerce companies;

2.Familiar with the process of each store, easy-going and careful, able to bear hardships and stand hard work;

Work address:32 jiangjin road, jingzhou city, hubei province, China

Position2.  Process engineer

Responsibilities:1. Prepare product process documents according to product specifications, quality requirements, production mode and production process.

2. Determine the consumption quota of raw materials according to the production mode and process of products.

3. Determine the standard production hours of each process, convert or determine the basic working hours (unskilled working hours) and optimal working hours (skilled working hours) according to the production process of products and the proficiency of personnel.

4. Designed effective process equipment according to the needs of production process flow, installed and adjusted normally.

5. Responsible for the process equipment verification of the workshop, maintain the normal operation of the process equipment, and improve the process equipment and production efficiency according to the specific situation in the production process

6. According to the requirements of the company, reasonably designed the process plane layout of the company and workshop, reasonably optimized the production layout, and was responsible for the arrangement of the production line in combination with the production process flow and material flow.

7. Track the trial production of new products, design technological tools, and track the whole process from trial production to batch trial production and normal production in the workshop.Control the feasibility of mass production, improve the trial production report and related process data.

8. ERP system input and data change of all the production data and standard working hour data of the workshop

9. Participate in the construction and implementation of workshop projects or company projects, and assist project leaders to complete projects.

10. Complete the temporary task assigned by the leader.

Job requirements:

1. At least 2 years relevant experience in industrial product design;

2. Proficient in office software and drawing software UG, AutoCAD, proe. exe, Soliduorks

Work address32 jiangjin road, jingzhou city, hubei province, China

Position3.  Marketing director


1. Participate in the development of enterprise sales strategy, specific sales plan and sales forecast.

2. Responsible for organizing and managing online and offline sales teams to achieve sales targets of enterprise products.

3. Control the balanced development of sales budget, sales expense, sales scope and sales target.

4. Recruited, trained, motivated and assessed subordinates, and assisted them to complete the assigned tasks.

5. Collect all kinds of market information, and timely feedback to superiors and other relevant departments.

6. Participate in the formulation and improvement of sales policies, norms and systems, so as to make them constantly adapt to the development of the market.

7. Develop cooperative relationships with enterprises and partners, such as with dealers and agents.

8. Assisted superiors to deal with market crisis public relations.

9. Assist in the formulation of corporate product and brand promotion plans, and supervise the implementation.

10. Properly handle customer complaints and receive customer visits.

11. Complete other work assigned by superiors.

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, major in marketing, business administration, economics and finance, marketing is preferred;

2. More than 5 years of sales and management experience, with certain customer resources;

3. Having similar industry experience is preferred;Able to work under pressure.

Work address:32 jiangjin road, jingzhou city, hubei province, China

Position4.  Product trainer


1. Formulated the company's training work standards, procedures and training programs;

2. Investigate training needs, prepare, adjust and implement training plans;

3. Develop training courses, prepare training courseware and establish enterprise training database;

4. Taught training courses and answered questions;

5. Write training reports, give feedback and eva luate the training effect;

6. Follow up the training effect and improve the training work.


1. College degree or above;

2. At least two years of industry training and teaching experience;

3. Familiar with relevant businesses, proficient in using modern training tools, strong enterprise analysis ability, curriculum research and development ability, good presentation ability;

4. Full of passion, strong affinity and appeal, good writing and language expression ability, communication ability, quick thinking;

5. Proficient in using office software and making courseware.

Work address:32 jiangjin road, jingzhou city, hubei province, China

Position5.  Provincial regional manager


1.carry out sales work according to department sales plan and complete sales tasks.

2.maintain old customers and actively develop new customers in the region. customers develop distribution network and sales team building, and provide necessary sales support and product knowledge training for customers.

4.collect market information and customer feedback, and timely complete various sales reports.

5.publicize the company brand, establish and maintain the company image.

6.accept the direct leadership of the regional manager.

7.provide comprehensive sales services to customers. manage the business process for the customers handled, so as to prevent mistakes.

9.responsible for collection and risk control of customer receivables.

10.sign contracts with customers on behalf of the company and handle various business related work.

11.handle customer complaints (report unsolvable problems to the next level. research on credit of competitors and customers


1.College education, major in marketing.

2. Can bear hardships and stand hard work, adapt to long-term business trip.

3. Marketing spirit and good communication skills.

4. Familiar with channel sales or labor insurance products sales experience is preferred.

Work address:32 jiangjin road, jingzhou city, hubei province, China

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